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Closure with an Ex: No Longer an Urban Legend

Claire and her ex broke up six or so months ago and since then she has started dating again. However, she was really struggling with opening herself up to someone else. She realized this was because she was still holding so much resentment and anger towards her ex and so she sent him an email (the good girl that she is, he is blocked on her phone so she couldn’t just call or text).

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I got way ahead of myself. Over-confident if you will. I became so obsessed with day 101 that I wasn’t thinking about Day 61. Or 62. Or 63. I made a note on my calendar for day 100. I started drafting my Day 75 blog post.

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How to Run During the Middle of Your Work Day

  • A lack of caring about looking perfect the second half of your day. This post will help you look presentable for the second half of the day; maybe even respectable. But you aren’t going to look perfect. Or anywhere near it. I find it helps to just shoot for always looking presentable. This has two advantages: a) it lowers everyone’s expectations and b) on the rare occasion you do dress up for work, people worry you are interviewing for another job and treat you really nice for a couple of days. If the idea of not looking perfectly polished at the office terrifies you, running during lunch is not for you either. There are only about 2 percent of the human population who can look good after a workout. They are super models and actors. 
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Day 3

On the bright-side (though, not for my co-workers) I was extra cranky yesterday. Could it be because I hadn’t worked out? Or were people just extra asshole-y? Maybe it was a combination of both?

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