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I'm Quitting Dating (Apps). Again.

It started innocently enough. I was away at a corporate retreat. It was after midnight, I was in a small meeting room that was transformed into our makeshift office. I was the only sober person in the room because I had a presentation to give at 10 the next morning.

My presentation wasn’t finished and I was in the room at a little past midnight waiting for my presentation partner to return so we could finish our presentation.

I was also freaking out. “I don’t like public speaking” is an understatement. At a little past midnight in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by my buzzed to drunk co-workers, I was wondering out-loud about how I could possibly gone-girl myself in the next nine hours to get out of my presentation.

To take my mind off of framing my co-presenter for my death, one of my co-workers suggested we get on Tinder to see which of our co-workers were on the app.

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Closure with an Ex: No Longer an Urban Legend

Claire and her ex broke up six or so months ago and since then she has started dating again. However, she was really struggling with opening herself up to someone else. She realized this was because she was still holding so much resentment and anger towards her ex and so she sent him an email (the good girl that she is, he is blocked on her phone so she couldn’t just call or text).

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