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I'm Quitting Dating (Apps). Again.

It started innocently enough. I was away at a corporate retreat. It was after midnight, I was in a small meeting room that was transformed into our makeshift office. I was the only sober person in the room because I had a presentation to give at 10 the next morning.

My presentation wasn’t finished and I was in the room at a little past midnight waiting for my presentation partner to return so we could finish our presentation.

I was also freaking out. “I don’t like public speaking” is an understatement. At a little past midnight in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by my buzzed to drunk co-workers, I was wondering out-loud about how I could possibly gone-girl myself in the next nine hours to get out of my presentation.

To take my mind off of framing my co-presenter for my death, one of my co-workers suggested we get on Tinder to see which of our co-workers were on the app.

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