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Put A Ring On It

About the same time Bridie and I were too poor to afford cable but always had enough money for wine and magazines, De Beers started a campaign for diamond rings women were encouraged to buy themselves. They called them right-handed rings and the slogan for the campaign was "Women of the World, Raise Your Right Hand."

Bridie and I hated this campaign. And as we do with all things we think are stupid, we mocked it mercilessly and turned it into a series of dirty jokes.

Fast forward 13 years.

As you know, the universe reminded me just how much it loves me a few weeks ago when I lost the back to one of my mom's diamond earrings. So, while I was home, I stopped at my mother's jeweler to have the back replaced. While the jeweler looked for another screw back, I browsed the estate jewelry cases.

I didn't expect to find anything I had to have.

I certainly didn't expect to find a diamond ring. 

I was just killing time. 

Oh, but what is that? 

Well, I suppose it couldn't hurt to take a closer look.   

Or ask about the price. 

Or ask if it could be sized up to fit my crazy large Russian hands. 

Right Hand Ring.jpg

As the jeweler measured my right-hand ring finger the memories of those ads and those jokes came bubbling back with a wave of nausea. I was about to rock the world and surprise myself and declare I love me more (err, too?).

I was about to buy myself a diamond ring.

A diamond ring I was having sized for my right-hand ring finger.

Somewhere, my 22-year-old self was shaking her head.

I suppose I could wear it on my left hand, taking my single for life declaration to the logical next step and letting the world know that I am off the market. But does that reek of a bad Lifetime movie? Worse than that, (yes, there is something worse than one's life emulating bad television for women) would be fielding all the questions from friends and co-workers. 

So, that leaves just me selling out my younger, badass self?

But don't worry, she's not going down without a fight.