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Thank you, stranger


Those of you who follow me on Twitter saw this note earlier, today.

I’m posting it again here because I think it is important to recognize and memorialize when good things happens in our world. So many stories in the news focus on bad people doing evil things; it is sometimes hard to remember most people are good people. 

I suppose it is why it isn’t exactly newsworthy to talk about how someone did the right thing.

Earlier today, I lost my brand new ring. I was in the ladies’ room, I took it off to wash my hands and then left without putting it back on. A while later, I was reading something, and went to play with my ring (as I have the habit of doing) only to notice it wasn’t on my finger.

I ran to the ladies’ room and saw it wasn't on the counter either. A co-worker was washing her hands and I blurted out I thought I had left my ring in restroom, but perhaps I left it on my desk.

Back at my desk, no ring.

My co-worker found me a moment later with this note (that I had missed in my panic). I went to the building’s security desk, and sure enough, a woman from another office had found it and turned it in.

She didn’t take it and keep it for herself.

She didn’t leave it there (to possibly get taken by someone else). 

She turned it in and wrote a note letting me know where I could find it. 

I am so very grateful. Not just because she found my ring (though I am plenty grateful for that), but for the reminder that we’re not all selfish monsters looking out for only number one. Some of us, most us maybe, are good people who are willing to help out when and where we can.