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Please Tell Me This Isn't True.

My assistant stopped by late Friday afternoon to check in on things and as co-workers sometimes do on a Friday afternoon, our discussion turned to our weekend plans.

I mentioned I was headed to happy hour with friends, though I wasn’t terribly excited about the prospect of standing around a crowded bar on crutches and so we decided to head out of center city and to a neighborhood bar.

I could tell by her face she was excited to tell me something about halfway through my short description of my Friday evening plans.

“You are probably going to meet someone at happy hour. I read an article about how men are more likely to hit on a woman with crutches.”

This disturbing sentiment sent my head in a tailspin. First, I have been out and about on crutches for almost a week and the closest I’ve come to being hit on was when the cute Starbucks guy asked me “who did this to you and where does he live?”

Second, is this really a thing? Do guys have a weird crutch fetish? The follow-up questions were drafting themselves when she continued:

“Guys feel so intimidated by women not needing them that when they see an injured woman it makes them feel like they have something to offer. Like they can help her.”

Dudes. I know there are like six of you who read this blog, so I need to know: Is this true? Have successful women beaten you down to the point where you can’t talk to one unless she is on crutches? Do you not realize that while we don’t need you, most of us still want you? And believe me, being wanted is way better than being needed.