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I See A Lot of Questions and Confusion in Your Future

So while the Gallivanter made his way through art students and art appreciators, Marie and I took 10 minutes out of our own art appreciation to visit a tarot card reader the museum had hired to spice up the event.

Marie went first and was dazzled by the things the tarot card reader knew.

I was slightly more skeptical and to prove to Marie that the lady in the head wrap was just that – I slipped my diamonds on my left hand and walked in ready to screw up her cold read.

The first card she flipped over told her I felt I wasn’t appreciated enough at work.

Really? Tell me more.

“You think you should make more money.”

I stifled a laugh. Nope. But good guess. I imagine a lot of woman my age feel they are underpaid and under-appreciated.

“You need to change. Not just jobs. But directions.”

Huh. Well, she is getting warmer.

“You have a head for business.”

And we’re right back off the rails.

She flips over the devil card and asks, “Huh?”

Next is the death card. This took a sudden turn for the worse. Please be about my old blog that no longer exists.

“You’re single?”

What’s this now? Can’t you see the band of diamonds on my left ring finger?

“Umm. Yes.”

“You hesitated.”

I laughed.

“Don’t worry. The death card doesn’t mean you are going to die or that your love life is dead. You just chase the wrong men.” She points to the devil. “You chase bad boys and they will never change and never make you happy.”

She keeps flipping cards. “But you are ready to settle down.” She flips the last card and it is the sun. “And the sun in your last spot is a very good sign. You have a lot of choices to make, but the sun in the last spot says the universe is going to agree with your choices and you will be very happy.”

Well, I guess there is that, I shrugged as I returned my ring to the right hand.

Could it be true? Could the universe and I really call a truce? Could I be ready to settle down? Should I really be getting paid more at my job? Do I really have a head for business? Does the fact that I don’t know if I’m making enough money at my current job indicate I, in fact, don’t have a head for business?