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It's Not Me. It's Them.

Salty tried fixing me up last weekend.

And while it started off well – or as well as anyone can expect with those sort of things – it fizzled out faster than a dollar store sparkler.

So, if there is nothing here to report, why am I mentioning it?

Well, one of the reasons I first found myself on the single-for-life track was because I just didn’t have the time or energy or patience to dedicate to dating. I also hated how dating (or waiting to date) left me hating myself; wondering what I could possibly do to make myself a better fit for complete strangers

And judging by the Google results for “why didn’t he call” I see I’m not alone in this. 

This failed attempt at a fix up has left me with a pretty clear and definitive answer to that question.

I have no idea why he didn’t call you, but I can say with some certainty it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with him.

How do I know this? Let me paint you a picture:

It’s Saturday. I’m getting ready to meet up with friends when Salty texts me that she met a cute guy who meets my height and age and marital status requirements who also happens to be a runner.

I roll my eyes.

The next text says he also thinks I’m cute.


She sends a picture and I think he is cute.

Very interesting.

Next, I have a Facebook friend request from the guy. He wasn’t messing around. We then spend a few minutes chatting on Facebook, but since I was on my way out, I say good-bye. He then suggests we get together the next day. I tell him I already have plans and he says that is fine. Tells me to have fun with my friends and that he will text me the next day.

And then the next day comes and I don’t hear from him.

And the day after that I don’t hear from him.

And the day after that I don’t hear from him.

And the … you get the picture.

In the past, when this would happen, I would question every decision I made prior to not hearing from the guy again. Should I not have sent him a friend request? Should I not have responded so quickly to his friend request? Should I not have sent his mom a friend request? Should I not have changed my Facebook status to In a Relationship? Should I not have posted to his wall that I was thinking about him? Or a link to an article that reminded me of him?  Should I not have slept with him?

But between the “I’ll text you tomorrow” IM and never hearing from this guy I did absolutely nothing. So there is no way this is on me.

Now, I am just angry about all the time I wasted wondering what is wrong with me when clearly I am perfect and the men I meet (or my friends meet) are the flawed individuals.

Also, I am wondering how much longer I have to wait to delete this guy as a friend.