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An Open Letter to All the Perverts Googling Jennifer Lawrence Naked


Please stop. Not reading this. Please stop googling Jennifer Lawrence naked.

Why? Because it makes you a pervert. And, if I had my way, a sex offender. Harsh? No. Not really. What you are doing is seeking out material that was stolen from Jennifer. You are looking to violate her privacy. To view her naked body without her consent. How isn’t that a sex crime? How is that any different than walking up to a window and peeking in on someone changing?

Well, Sarah, I didn’t hack her computer. And she took the photos. And maybe used a stupid password or no password because she doesn’t understand how iCloud works. And now they are out there and others are viewing them and with a few quick clicks of my keyboard, I can view them too.

Yeah. All of that. But still, you are trying to see her naked without her consent. That still makes you a deviant.

Why do you think the hacker(s) chose my imaginary BFF and not, say, Jenny McCarthy? Or Kendra Wilkinson? Because naked photos of those two women are already out there. They both consented to have their photos taken and distributed and were rewarded handsomely for it. If you want to see naked boobs, Google one of them.

Which is what makes these photos hot, no? Because you haven’t seen Jennifer Lawrence naked. But that’s because she doesn’t want you to see her naked. And that is what makes googling Jennifer Lawrence Naked rapey.

Now, if tomorrow, Jennifer Lawrence posts all those photos to a website and says, here you are guys and gals, here are my boobs, then I say go for it. Lock your office door and have a party in your pants hosted by Jennifer Lawrence. In fact, I kinda hope she does release the photos and puts them behind a pay wall and donates all that money to women’s crisis center.

But until she does, stop searching for naked images of her released without her consent.