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I used to blog as the Devil. Then I was Tatiana. Now, I'm just me.

Day 3

So, it is coming true. It is all coming true. After 60 days of working out, without the pressure of having to keep the streak going, I haven’t worked out since. The stomach bug (it lasted more than a day, so I don’t think it was the wine) came just as a heat wave hit Philadelphia making running outside an unthinkable (for me) prospect.

I walked on Tuesday. Did nothing yesterday and am thinking about doing nothing again today.

On the bright-side (though, not for my co-workers) I was extra cranky yesterday. Could it be because I hadn’t worked out? Or were people just extra asshole-y? Maybe it was a combination of both?

The good news is I no longer have to worry about what I call my next workout. Missing three days (or, more accurately, missing a day, working out, missing another day and then another day) officially ends the streak. My next workout, whether it is tonight or tomorrow is day 1.

Or, maybe, it will just be my next workout.