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Guess I Will Be Sitting on a Bag of Ice for the Next Few Days

What follows is a slight exaggeration of actual events:

Marie and I try to get up early and run at least twice a week. Back in the day, when we were both way more committed and the gym near work was still open, we would try to meet four times a week but life often gets in our way and so if we get together twice a week it is a success.

This morning was a lot like all the other mornings (though, colder). We ran down Arch Street, cut over to Race, hopped on the Schuylkill River Trail and then up to Kelly Drive.

That is where it happened.

Penn’s Freshmen Men were loading a boat onto a trailer (presumably for the Princeton Chase this weekend). The boat was blocking the whole path and because it is Penn they were taking their sweet-ass time. Marie and I were getting antsy (as were two other runners who were now waiting for Penn to get their boat out of our way) when finally there was a hole and Marie and I went for it.

This was dumb on our parts, admittedly, as the hole was between the boat and the trailer and it was getting narrower with every step the Penn Men took. They weren’t stopping; not even when I tripped and fell. Well, sort of fell. Only my hands touched the ground, but I did miss a step.

We got past the boat and out the other side. Triumphantly I turned to the men, still focused on the mission at hand and shouted “Ha, Penn Men, you thought you could break me as others on your team in the past have thought they could break me, but here I am, still standing. A little bruised maybe, but not broken.” And then Marie and I ran off, me with a slight limp.

Okay, so none of the stuff starting with “triumphantly I turned” actually happened except for the limping away — I think I may have pulled my hamstring.

Just a reminder to take your time out there, kids. And never get between a Penn Man and his mission, apparently.

foam rolling.jpg

I have a feeling there will be more of this in my immediate future.