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Summer of Yes

Confession: 2017 was supposed to be about pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. And for two months, I did some things 2016 Sarah never would’ve done.

I went to the ballet by myself, on a Saturday night, for example.

I went to an unknown neighbor’s house and learned to make soap.

I stained a cabinet.

I stood up to my racist father both publicly (until he blocked me) and privately.

I even started using the Oxford comma.

But, like most resolutions, by mid-March my fervor fizzled. I stopped seeking out chances to expand and just stayed in watching old Law & Order episodes — though, in fairness, I did see a couple I had never seen before, which felt like a miracle.

Then, one day, I was scrolling through Instagram (during a commercial break — I’m such a multitasker) when I saw someone’s bullet journal page for a Summer Bucket List. Well, this is fun, I thought to myself and then said out loud to Zuzu. Zuzu briefly looked up from her nap, rolled her eyes and went back to sleep.

Still, regardless of Zuzu’s lack of enthusiasm, I still liked this idea. So I sent the picture to my sister and said: I want to do this. I need ideas. She wrote back: Summer of Yes.

While this wasn’t helpful for my Summer Bucket List (I needed things I could check off, Sister) it was an intriguing proposal.

So I am going to do it. In addition to my Summer Bucket List, I am declaring the summer of 2017 Sarah’s Summer of Yes.

This is, of course, a take-off of Shonda Rimes' Year of Yes, a book I bought, but never read. I am not sure how it worked for Shonda but for me, it is going to work like this: When I want to do something, the answer will be yes. When I am on the fence about something, the answer will be yes. When I don’t want to do something I will call, email, or text my sister and ask her what I should do and she will probably tell me to do it. My sister’s whole life has been a year of yes — this is what I love about her and what terrifies me most about her. But she loves me so I am sure she won’t have me doing anything too dangerous — like meth.