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39 Reasons 39 is Going to Rock

I turned 39 years old. I remember in college freaking out about the thought of one day turning 25. I remember spending my entire 29th year freaking out about turning 30. This year, though, this year feels strangely peaceful and easy and good. I slept amazing last night. I didn’t feel compelled to get on any online dating apps or do anything drastic to try to shake things up in my life. I think this is what contentment feels like.

In fact, here are 39 things I am looking forward to about my 39th year around the sun.

Drinking 40s of Rose with my sister.

My mom turning 70.

Netflix Defenders comes out next weekend and I am blessedly free.

A solar eclipse.

Picnicking on the Schuylkill Banks with Claire.

New York Fashion Week(end). I’m not fancy enough to go for the full week (yet).

The Game of Thrones Season Finale.

Football season (this is the Eagles’ year).

Eagles Games 2.jpg


Actually learning French.

Celebrating a very good friend getting married.

Celebrating Nicole’s 40th in Key West.

Happy hours at the art museum.

The return of sweater season.

Eating cupcakes

Blogging more.

Running more.

Visiting cities I have never visited before.

Visiting my sister in Denver.

Halloween parties.

My niece’s first Halloween.

My niece’s first Thanksgiving.

My niece’s first Christmas.

Watching all the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.

Snow days.

Drinking really good red wine by a fire surrounded by friends.

My niece turning one.


Getting new tattoos.

Sleeping in on Sundays.

Home improvement projects.

Reading my latest favorite book.

Planning my solo trip to Paris.

Running my 12th Broad Street Run.

Having friends over to my house to drink beer and laugh.


Participating in my first triathlon.

Spending weekends with Salty at the shore.

Celebrating my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Traveling to Paris to celebrate turning 40.

And these are just the things I know about.