Tatiana Talks

Hair of the Dog that Bit Ya

I am hungover.

We went out last night for Center City Sips and kept sipping ‘til just past my bedtime. So, on mornings like this one, it's the little things that get me through.

My pretty, flirty skirt to make me look nice on the outside, despite feeling haggard on the inside.

My neighbor singing along to the 60s hit, “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” off-key with her windows open and without a care in the world. It got stuck in my head as I walked the pooch this morning; a welcome relief from “Amish Paradise” which was stuck in my head since Saturday.

Yes, “Amish Paradise” by Weird Al Yankovic.

Then there is the guy that sells newspapers in City Hall. Not talking to anyone in particular, he gives passer-bys a taste of what they are missing not buying the newspaper – complete with his own editorial. Today he was rather cantankerous about all the press coverage of Christie Brinkley’s divorce, noting that literally thousands of people get divorced, why should anyone care about Brinkley’s? I don’t know why, but that man makes me smile.

Oh, and of course, the first thing in the morning e-mail exchange with Bridie and Salty about plans for this evening, since they both missed out on last night’s festivities.

And here I thought it was going to be a bad day.