Tatiana Talks


I am a big believer in fate. Not in the whole you have one destiny and one path and all your choices have already been decided for you so there is really nothing you can do but sit back and wait to die sort of way.

More the everything-happens-for-a reason sort of fate.

My mother thought it would be nice if all of us went to a Phantom’s game last night So, mom and dad pick up me and Lana at my place and we all headed down to the soon-to-be-gone-forever (though not soon enough in my mother’s opinion) Spectrum.

We got to our seats, some children sang the National Anthem and Lana got up to go for beer. She came back, handed me and mom our beers, headed back up for more (there is a two beer limit) and by the time she returned, a puck has flown over the Plexiglas and into my mother’s face.

No, I am not lying.

Lana rushes my mom to first aid, the people behind us give me the puck and my father and I just sit there for a few minutes wondering what we should do next. Then my dad leaves, and finally Lana calls and tells me we are taking mom to the hospital.

I fielded a few questions from the crowd and then left to help my father find the car.

After being rushed through triage (thanks to Lana’s connections) we were sitting in a treatment room waiting to see a doctor (as opposed to a medical student).

And that is when I first glimpsed the future Mr. Tatiana, Resident Dreamboat.

Resident Dreamboat is tall and dark and handsome with really great hair and an excellent nose. Lana, who agreed to let me have RD if I agreed to make him walk around sans shirt at all future family functions, remarked on his very white, straight teeth. My father, who earlier compared a med student’s smile to that of John Elway, commented on his nice broad shoulders. For her part, my mom thought he was okay for a doctor, a huge compliment coming from her. See, mom has been a nurse since cavemen were coming in with dinosaur bites and thus has a very low opinion of doctors.

In addition to knowing the moment he walked into our curtained off corner of the hospital that I could I love this man forever; I also realized he was the reason my mom had to take a hockey puck to the face. And believe me, my mom would take a whole world of hurt more than a fractured sinus cavity if she thought it would lead to dum-dum-dee-dum, and me walking down an aisle wearing a white gown and carrying calla lilies.

Even if we don’t get married – and who am I kidding? I could stalk Jefferson Bars for the rest of my life and still never see Resident Dreamboat again – I know the universe must read this blog and was smiling down on me yesterday. Not only did it get me out of the hockey game early, it gave me a new, more crush-worthy candidate to star in my fantasies.

Oh and Mumsie is fine by the way. She is a little sore, but she should be all healed up in time for my big day.