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The Craigslist Killer

Am I the only one bothered by the media’s coverage of the Craigslist Killer?

I woke up a little late this morning, thanks to a late night with Bella, Edward and Jacob, made my tea and turned on Matt and Mere. Matt explained that coming up in the next hour was more information on the man suspected to be the Craigslist Killer.

Okay, I am not going to lie, I was in Allentown this weekend, where my parents only get two channels, the Fox News Network and the Lifetime Movie Network. You know Fox News was not about to report on something bad a preppy white person was doing, so this was the first I was hearing about CK.

Always looking for another excuse not to online date, I stayed tuned. I soon learned he wasn’t finding his victims in the women looking for men section, and no Mom and Dad I am not posting ads in the the “erotic services” section (yet). Even so, I was already hooked and so I continued to watch.

But here is where I started to get upset. It wasn't his actions that were news, it was who he was. Literally, the Today Show’s correspondent said (in so many words) “What everyone wants to know is what drove this attractive medical student to do something so depraved.”

Umm, what?

Are you saying that this would be okay, even understandable if he was ugly? Lonely? Poor? If CK weren't good looking and engaged to be married and smart and set for life would we even be hearing about his sick little spree? Correct me if I am wrong, but Ted Bundy was described as good looking and cultured, right? Isn’t the profile for a serial killer almost always a good-looking, white male?

I mean I know that is why I cross to the safer side of the street whenever I am walking alone and I see an attractive white male in his mid to late 20s approaching me.