Tatiana Talks


I typically get to Starbucks early in the morning, desperate for a venti soy chai latte to wake myself up -- yes I know they are approximately 1000 calories a piece, but what do you want me to do, I love them.

However, yesterday, I managed to get up early and run with one of my mommy friends, so I didn’t need tea to wake me up.

Plus thanks to the Duchess’s birthday bash on Saturday night, I was just a bit too hung over on Sunday to do much of anything that involved me getting off my couch. So once I got back from my run I had to write the Steve Harvey blog before I could run to Starbucks to post it.

But it would seem forces greater than my determination to run or a Saturday night filled with beer and karaoke were at work here. Because when I walked in, standing behind the counter, waiting to take my order was not my regular barista, but a scruffy Zac Efron look-alike, though cuter because he wasn’t quite so girlie looking. He was tall, with blue eyes and floppy hair and my mouth dropped open for a moment as I wondered why the hell I didn’t take the time to apply make-up before I ran out of the house. At least eyebrows and mascara.

Thank god, my hair looked good.

I carefully placed my order, making sure I said all the words right and didn’t let anything like, “you are yummy delicious” slip out. Still, I was so flummoxed I forgot to ask for my latte in an environmentally friendly mug so he probably thinks I don’t care about the planet.

Now, you know I have a very strict policy about dating co-workers, and while I don’t work for Starbucks, I do work at the Starbucks, so I will not be throwing myself at this boy (as I would be shocked if this guy was 22 years old). It isn’t like they serve alcoholic beverages and I could blame it on being over-served when I walk in there the day after he rejected me (the way I do whenever a bartender has spurned my advances). I would never be able to visit that Starbucks again. And it is so close to my apartment, not to mention the free WiFi.

Still, I will be adjusting my schedule accordingly. You know how much I appreciate eye candy in the office.