Tatiana Talks

Happiest of Hours

It is my favorite time of year. That time when the weather is finally getting nice but it isn’t oppressive, and it isn’t Memorial Day (yet) so there are still people out and about in the city enjoying cocktails.

I love happy hour season. What? You thought no time of year was a bad time for happy hour? Well, that is true, but right now is the time of year when everyone is out enjoying themselves because we all know that this perfect weather will not last. Before you can say “margarita up with salt” it is hazy, hot and humid and people are hiding their frizzy hair and sweaty underarms in air conditioning.

Now, being on a fixed income means having to forgo some of life’s pleasures. However, I will give up cable before I give up going out. Let’s face it, this site would get pretty stale if I all I talked about was staying in my house, cleaning, worrying, reading, watching TV, worrying some more, sleeping and laying out.

And since I am not looking for a full-time job, I need to figure out how I am going to make ends meet if my book deal doesn’t pan out. One thought I recently had was finding a sugar daddy. And I am certainly not going to meet a wealthy man sitting on my couch (Dr. Phil taught me that).

Because I am a girl on a budget, Marie has been scouring the Internet for the best deals, and man do I think she found it.

Farmicia. Have you been? If not, and you are poor, this is the place to be. Even if you aren’t poor, this is by far the best happy hour deal in the city -- any drink you want (at the bar) is half off.

You want a pint of beer, half off. You want a Belvedere up with a twist, half off. You want a 75,000-year old, single malt Scotch, half off (that is if they have it). You and your friends want to split a bottle of wine, half off.


Now, mind you, the bar is not very big. Nor will it be filled with the stuffy-suit types you are going to find in Center City. And I will probably be kicking myself the next time Marie and I go in after getting our eyebrows done and find that we can’t get a seat. But maybe this will work to my advantage, maybe some hottie that reads this blog will start stalking me there.

And if that hottie has money, I may not press charges.