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Hug It Out

So here’s another reason for me to hate the youth of America.

I was totally prepared to ask my readers this morning the question, what is up with hugging?

See, last night I was at a fundraiser for a former co-worker that is running for office in a Delaware County. It should go without saying that there were a lot of former co-workers there, most of whom I haven’t spoken to since I was given the boot.

That didn’t stop them from approaching me with a big hello and an even bigger hug. The first time it was awkward. I am not even sure I hugged back. By the fourth time, I still wasn’t really hugging back, but I was at least prepared with a polite back tap.

Then this morning, as I was sipping my tea and gathering my thoughts in my head, the Today Show, in conjunction with The New York Times did an in-depth story on Generation H (for hug).

Apparently hugging is the new fist bump.

And just like the way we adults took the pound and made it our own, much to my chagrin -- I cringe and then often refuse when ever anyone says to me, “give me a pound.” At the same time, I do find it adorable when our President and First Lady do it. So now, it seems we are now adopting hugging as a greeting.

The thing is, I am not a hugger. I come from a long line of non-huggers (though my father, brother and sister all seem to have the bug). I am not really a fan of touch in general. I don’t hug my friends (unless the occasion calls for it, like when they are really sad) with the one recent exception of Marie, who knows I don’t like to hug but does it anyway.

Which was really funny at this fundraiser. I was there with two friends, Marie and Theresa, neither of whom hugged me hello (Marie managed to restrain herself). But then they both watched as almost-stranger after almost-stranger embraced me (and then them).

Why is this okay? I would almost prefer the kiss-on-the-cheek hello as those are short and actually require less body contact. But, what was wrong with the firm-handshake hello? Or the bright-smile hello? Worse, what comes next, open-mouth-kissing hello?

Personally, I think its time to bring back the curtsy as I am excellent at the curtsy.