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I Need Your Help, People

So, I was in line (or on line for you Philly folks) at the Acme yesterday, when I came across the cover story of Ok magazine about Rob and Kristen’s Twillight Wedding.

While the line was long and I did have enough time to read the cover, it wasn’t long enough for me pick up the magazine and read the story -- I was in the 20 items or less lane. And I couldn’t buy the magazine because I am on a very strict budget which only allows for one trash magazine a month and I usually reserve that money for picking up Cosmo -- a girl can never have enough "drive your man wild in bed tonight" tips.

Do any of you read Ok? Perhaps one of you was unfortunate enough to be caught in a really long wait at the super market and got through the whole story? From the cover I gather that the magazine has behind the scenes pictures of the filming of the wedding that happens in book four of the series. Which is fine. But the cover itself seemed to suggest that these were photos or an inside look at this couple’s actual upcoming wedding. And if that is the case -- what the what? They are really getting married in an almost identical fashion to the characters they play in the movies?

Because if that is the case, I smell another letter writing campaign coming. This time to my U.S. Representatives. Surely, this sort of thing is banned by the Defense of Marriage Act, and if not, it should be.