Tatiana Talks

Shoes Make The Woman, Or At Least The Outfit

It’s been said that a suit makes the man.

Well, I wonder if shoes make the woman.

They sure do make this woman.

I was stuck in Allentown these past couple of days. It was only suppose to be a short trip; a long weekend really. But then I learned that my mom had a doctor’s appointment and so she might not be able pick me up at the bus station on time on Thursday. For those of you that have never been to the Allentown bus station, believe me, it isn’t the sort of place you want to be hanging around.

So, I moved my arrival date up to Wednesday. Then, once I was home, my mom and dad talked me into staying until Monday, then Tuesday and then Wednesday.

But originally I had planned on being home Saturday night. Which is why I only had two pairs of sneakers with me; one for running, one for running errands. Once it was decided I would be staying, I planned on stopping by my place before the baby shower I had to attend and picking up my pony-hair flats to wear there. After, I figured, I would also pick up my red patent leather heels, and maybe my black booties as well as my UGGs, you know, just in case.

Then I got to my place on Saturday and realized I left my house keys in my other bag. I had been a blonde again for less than two hours and I had already reverted to airhead.

Long story short. I have been without cute shoes for almost a week.

Last night, I was getting ready to meet up with an old friend for drinks. I put on my jeans and a gray sweater which is a bit of a uniform for me when I want to look cute without looking over-done. But last night I felt fat. I did my hair, wondering if my ugly feeling had something to do with getting used to being a blonde again. I stared at myself for a few minute and decided I definitely liked my hair. I put on my make-up and decided I looked cute enough, but still felt gross.

Then I sat on my old bed and reached for my black running errands sneakers when it hit me, it is these goddamn, not cute at all sneakers that are leaving me feeling less than put together.

I decided that if your hair is the icing on the cupcake than shoes are the happy ending at the bottom of a Friendly’s happy ending sundae.

And really, what is better than finding those last couple of Reese’s Pieces after you have almost finished all your ice cream?