Tatiana Talks

The Text Revenge

The Republican still occasionally sends me texts messages despite my making it very clear to him I could no longer be his text-girlfriend. And by occasionally, I mean every month or so, typically on a Saturday night at around two in the morning.

It’s not that these messages are a great annoyance. If I still slept with my BlackBerry on the pillow next to me, I might get bothered when the alert woke me up, but because my iPhone sleeps in a whole other room than me, I can’t even hear it. Still, once, when I was at my parents’ home he sent me a really important and esoteric message like “whatsup?” (yep, all one word -- told you he was a catch) and my mom, who was on her way to bed, heard it, looked at it, took note of the time and mentioned it the next day at breakfast.

Awesome. Now my mom thinks I am an even bigger whore than she previously thought.

I keep hoping that he will grow bored with my lack of response and eventually stop, but so far, not so good.

Then the other night I was out with Salty, PTH and the Duchess when the Duchess starts telling us a story about some crazy girl they all grew up with. In the middle of the story, we learn that she is seeing one of our friend’s exes and that ex sent a midnight text to our friend. Our friend new her ex was seeing someone and was really annoyed by the late night interruption (she still sleeps with her BlackBerry). So the next day, instead of responding via text, she responded via Facebook. Something similar to, “Hey, got your text last night. I was actually asleep. Sorry. I’m fine, my trip was great. Good hearing from you.”

You know that little post on his wall did not sit well with his crazy girlfriend.

Aren’t my friends clever?

Anyway, I am not sure if I am going to use this with the Republican, mostly because I am not sure he is seeing anyone that this would drive crazy. But, as I am sure this is not just a me problem, I figured I would pass along this plan of action in case any of you have some late night callers you would like to rid from your life.