Tatiana Talks

Give It To Me Baby

Warning: I am about to speak favorably about an establishment here in Philadelphia. No, they didn’t pay me. Nor did I hook up with the bartender or the owner. I don’t even know the owner. Just thought I would spread some love.

Contrary to what my ex-boyfriends may say, I am not hard to please. I just want what I want the way I want it. And, to be fair, I let them know what it is. I don’t make them guess or read my mind or say I want one thing but really I want something totally and completely different.

Never is this more true than when I am out to eat.

Theresa and I saw Valentine’s Day last weekend and after we decided we needed a couple of beers. So we stopped at a bar and after a couple of rounds, we decided it was time to eat. We decided to leave our current bar, much to the bartender’s chagrin, and head over to Pub and Kitchen.

When the bartender asked us why, Theresa responded, “She’s a vegan.” He then looked at his menu and said. “Yeah, good luck,” told us to say hi to the bartender there and walked away.

It’s cool. I’m used to it. Mostly, when I’m out I just make do with whatever is on the menu as I try to be a cool vegan. I had been to P&K with Theresa before and so I knew there was something there for me to eat. Of course the last time I was there, I was slightly intoxicated and so the details as to what it was they had for me to eat were a bit fuzzy. Maybe that was the real reason I wanted to go back -- to actually taste whatever meal I had ordered that night.

When we arrived, I told the bartender that the other bartender said hi and he raised his eyebrows. I just assumed they knew each other, but maybe this was some sort of code. He then asked why we had left and Theresa responded, “We wanted to get something to eat, and she’s a vegan.”

This bartender didn’t skip a beat. He smiled and said, “Let me see what the cook can do for you.” And when he came back he said, “He can put something together.”

I didn’t ask for details about what it was or how it was going to be prepared. Why? Because I’m not difficult to please (see above) and when it came out, it was delicious. Simple, but oh so good. I even made Theresa eat some -- trying to seduce her away from the pork chop she was enjoying.

My point? Well, first that the Pub and Kitchen rocks! And I don’t think it is just because the bartender had a thing for me (as Theresa kept suggesting). Second, I don’t think the bartender had a thing for because while he was super nice and accommodating, he is also a bartender. And what have I told you about bartenders.

Oh, and before you ask, no Theresa and I didn’t meet anyone out. We almost did, though. A group of very tall, handsome men came in just as we were about to leave. But sadly, they ordered pink drinks that were served in martini glasses (too frothy to be cosmos) and didn’t seem at all interested in us.