Tatiana Talks

Attention Huntresses and Single Girls Alike

I have startling news to report – at least it was startling to me: If you are really looking for a guy, you should be going out to bars alone.

If you are anything like I was, you get a girlfriend (not a group of girlfriends because that is just crazy) put on your cutest outfit, sit at a bar and laugh and share stories and smile and wait for the guys to start buying you drinks. After all, what guy wouldn’t want to buy someone as smart and pretty and funny as you are a drink.

And of course they know all of this, because they can see how pretty you are and how funny and interesting your friend finds you.

But here’s the thing. He isn’t likely to think any of that. No, according to my source, instead if he finds you attractive, he is only thinking about how he doesn’t want to interrupt all the fun you and your friend are having.

So, the next time you are in the mood to make-out with a boy, head to the bar by yourself. You won’t look like a desperate drunk (as I always feared) but instead will seem like someone that is open to meeting new people.

Happy hunting.