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Is Imitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery?

I have a question for my married and engaged readers out there, but before I ask, let me explain.

Last night, Marie and I were celebrating with some cheap wine and what is becoming our favorite happy hour haunt. Marie excuses herself to use the ladies, and I take the opportunity to do some people watching (we were sitting outside because it wasn’t 100 degrees with 99 percent humidity and like all good Philadelphians we took advantage of it).

Caveman Guitarist
As I sat watching what can only be described as a guitar playing caveman, I listened as our waitress took the drink order of the women behind me. She cut them off mid-question and exclaimed, “Are you both wearing the same engagement ring?”

Zack Morris time out: I love brash, 20-something waitresses. They remind me of myself in my glorious youth. Time in.

One of the women, unfortunately I can’t describe them any better than that as I didn’t get a look at them explained, “Yes. When she got engaged, I loved her ring so much that I told my boyfriend that is what I wanted. I didn’t expect him to get me the exact ring, but he did.” Followed by some giggling.

Now, I get angry when I see someone wearing the same top as me – which in this era of mass produced cheap fashion happens often. And when I see something a friend is wearing that I love, well, I regret that I didn’t find it first. On the rare occasion that I absolutely have to have it – I double check with my friend first. Of course they always say yes. But, I imagine, they are just as annoyed as I am when a friend asks me about getting the same maxi dress I was seen wearing the previous Sunday.
A Harry Winston, not necessarily
the ring the friend copied.

And that is just a dress that I probably won’t be wearing next summer. I can’t imagine showing up to a friend’s house, exclaiming, “I’m engaged. And look, my ring looks exactly like yours!”

Am I crazy?

I mean, I know I’m crazy, but about this? Would you be pissed off? If you were the second girl to get the ring, would you be embarrassed? Trade the ring in for something similar, but not the same? Is it cool to trade in your engagement right? And, for the sake of argument, let’s pretend we aren’t just talking about a solitaire, princess cut diamond, but something more complicated, involving a setting and baguettes.